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Very handy app

App works great, very handy app to have when you need to find some bait. The app does exactly what it says it does, locate bait shops. Great value well worth the dollar.

Works just as advertised

Another great app. If you loved the boat ramps locator, this is another great addition to the recreational boaters tackle box. Just what I was looking for.

Another great app from Derek Trauger & Associates

Does exactly what it claims to do, provides the listing of bait and tackle shops, gives their location, phone numbers, maps their locations and gives directions. Providing information on whether the shop provides live or frozen bait would be a great addtion but the with the provided phone number that information is only a phone call away. All and all for $0.99 this app is a bargin and does exactly what I need.

Great app

Great application! Now I dont have to go searching when my local shop is closed or out of the bait I need.

Excellent Compliment to Boat Ramps

Had a preferred bait shop for my trips, and was sort of "stuck in my ways" and was too lazy to search for more convenient shops that were on the way to a particular ramp. Now with bait shops I can just swing by shops closer to the ramp I am headed to with ease.


Good easy to use app. Couple it with boat ramps and you all but have the fish on the hook. Doesnt get much easier.

Another great boat app!

Bait shops is very easy to use. Along with the boat ramps app, I am able to get on the water quick and start my fishing day off right! I found bait shops in my area I didnt know existed!

Cool App

This is a pretty neat app! Very easy to use and conveinant for when Im fishing in different places other than my norm. If you dont know the exact area you are in, you can just have the phone search the area you are in. Overall great app!

Fast, accurate, and easy to use

The application works exactly as advertised. Its easy to use and very quick. Also the majority of the shops are not on other so-called locators/directories in my area.

I have been waiting for an app like that for a while

Dont know why nobody had that idea before!!! My father, my brother and I go fishing very often... That come on handy now

Mike Beaton

This app can be great but much of its usefulness will depend on the users letting the developer know when you find a shop that is no longer in business or find a bait shop that is not listed. Please take the time to add bait shops not listed as this will only make the site more useful to all of us. Derek Trauger is willing to address quickly any issues you may have and try to improve this app. I will continue to use and help update this app in the future.

Got Bait?

App makes it easy to find bait in lesser known areas, great app to have when your in a jam and need some bait or tackle supplies

Very Helpful

Great app especially when traveling to new areas to fish.

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